Vision can be expressed as what we see in the future, a desired state, that which we aim to accomplish. 

Our vision is to see communities of missional believers advancing the Kingdom of God in Sleaford and the surrounding villages. 


The Mission or core purpose of the local church is to fulfil the mission of God in the earth, this is our 'assignment' as followers. In essence, the 'mission' is the same for every local church, although the way it is embodied and expressed may vary across localities and cultures.

At Sleaford New Life, we've chosen to express our mission as: 

Knowing Jesus, Loving People, Transforming Lives - Connecting people to Jesus for life and purpose.


Values are those things which describe our nature, our culture; standards we live by, responses that issue from the core of who we are.

At Sleaford New Life, we have five core values which describe the essential character of our church. They are:

Love       Faith      Generosity      Life in the Spirit     Sharing the Word of God