Connect Groups - Sharing life in an ever changing world!

Sleaford New Life church has a thriving and exciting network of home groups, which we call 'Connect Groups'. “Why 'Connect Groups'?” you may ask. This is because their primary purpose is to connect people with God, with each other and with the local community.

The groups usually consist of up to fifteen people. They meet regularly and provide their members with valuable close friendship opportunities, excellent pastoral support, important lifestyle discipleship coaching, friendship evangelism possibilities, social events and much, much more ……

We currently have groups meeting in Ancaster, Billinghay, Burton Pedwardine, Great Hale, Greylees, Ruskington and, of course, Sleaford. We actively encourage all church attendees to become Connect Group members as we are fully aware of the significant benefits, both to them and to others, with respect to spiritual development.

As the church grows, it is our passionate aim to create new groups in other geographical locations in the Sleaford area and surrounding villages. We are thankful to God for His constant provision of new and exciting opportunities for expansion. We encourage you to watch this space! Connect Groups can help us to fulfil our commitment to reaching local communities with the Gospel and we aim to do this through friendship evangelism and other activities. In any event, “just being there” can impact a community in a positive way!

At the moment, our Connect Groups meet as follows:-

  • Great Hale – Thursday 3.00pm
  • Ancaster – Tuesday 7.30pm
  • Greylees – Tuesday 7.30pm
  • Sleaford – Tuesday 8.00pm
  • Sleaford – Tuesday 7.30pm
  • Billinghay – Tuesday 7.30pm
  • Burton Pedwardine - Tuesday 7.30pm
  • Sleaford/Ruskington/Brant Broughton – Tuesday 7.30pm
  • Sleaford - Tuesday 7.00pm (Youth)
  • Sleaford – Wednesday 7.00pm
  • Sleaford – Wednesday 7.00pm (Young Adults)
  • Sleaford – Wednesday 2.00pm (Senior Citizens)
  • Ruskington – Thursday 7.30 pm

Connect Groups are vital to Sleaford New Life church as they are the “engine room” where things happen! For more details or to join a group please contact the Church Office.