Personal Missions Giving is our opportunity to support missions projects in this country, in Europe and around the world. Since we first operated Personal Missions Giving in 1989-90 we have raised in excess of £120,000 additional funding to support missions in most continents of the world.

As a Church and ministry we are committed to the Biblical teaching of the tithe and offerings. The tithe is the giving of a tenth of whatever we receive into our local Church each Sunday and offerings are being generous beyond that. We believe that the first call on our finances is to support the local ministry here in Lincolnshire. We then are committed to serving God globally and so 15% of all monies given into the offerings is set aside towards our mission involvements.

On top of that many of us feel we wish to do more and so take on specific projects or individuals as a focus for some of our extra giving. These extra (on top of normal Tithing and giving) may come through unexpected personal prosperity or we may have a specific desire to assist someone. In each case Personal Missions Giving offers us an opportunity to provide additional funding where all the administrative costs are dealt with by us and so the full amount arrives at the designated person or project.